Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves: Pros and Cons

By September 20, 2021 Business
Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves: Pros and Cons

Almost everyone moving out will find it hard to decide between weekday vs. weekend moves. Moving out to your new house is already a stressful task. Aside from packing and organizing all the stuff, there are also many other arrangements you have to deal with. One of them is choosing the ideal day to move out.

Weekday Vs. Weekend Moves: When is the Best Day to Move?

Most people have their reasons. Some people prefer the weekend since it is their off from work while some choose a weekday since it is a cheaper option. But there are still other benefits aside from these.

If you are planning to move and cannot decide when you should do it, take your time to read the following pros and cons of weekday vs. weekend moves.

Weekday Moves Pros

1. Easier scheduling

One of the advantages of choosing a weekday move-out is you can book a schedule easily since many people prefer to move on a weekend.

2. Affordable relocation

We all know house relocation can be expensive. But you can save more if you choose to schedule your move out on a weekday. Many relocation companies charge a higher rate during the weekends, holidays, or even the summer season. Since the demand is high and they are busier, they choose to increase the rate so they can still provide a quality service.

On weekdays, these companies are less busy so they can offer you a more affordable rate. To make a wise decision, make sure to compare the quotes you have of the companies before choosing which of them offers a great value for your money.

3. Save extra money

Since it is cheaper to schedule your move out on weekdays, you can manage to save extra money which you can use for emergency purposes.

4. Easier loading and unloading process

Most streets and residential areas are almost empty during the weekdays. Everyone is in the school and offices. Since there are fewer people in the area, there is more space to occupy on the streets to park the truck. You will not also worry about any interference while loading and unloading your items.

5. Less road traffic

One of the things you contemplate about weekday vs. weekend moves is the traffic. Weekdays can be convenient for you since everyone else is busy at work or school, especially during office hours. All you have to do is avoid the rush hour.

6. Less stress and hassle

This applies mostly to parents who have kids. If you choose to set your move during the school year and on a weekday, you can do all the tasks at ease. There will also be no nosy neighbors that will distract you as you move.

You will also have enough time to unpack your items. But it depends on which day you choose or how long you take a break from work to finish all the relocation tasks.

7. Quicker access to utilities

Utilities start to work ahead of time, so once you arrive at your new place, everything is all set. But there are instances when the electricity or gas is not working properly, In case it happens, you still have enough time to contact the utility company since it is regular business hours.

Weekday Moves Cons

1. Loss of work time or file a leave

If you choose to move on a weekday, you have to file a leave from work beforehand. And sometimes, it is not easy to get approved. If you are self-employed or a freelancer, you need to sacrifice your weekday schedule to focus on all the move-out tasks.

2. Children will have to skip school

Children will have to skip school

If you plan to move during the school year, you have to skip the kids to go to school and miss out on some important classes. It is the same case when you have to transfer them to a new school as you move. To avoid this, you only need to set the move during summer vacation.

3. Limited assistance from relatives or friends

Moving out is stressful, so you might need a helping hand to get things done. If you have kids, you can ask your relatives or friends to take care of them in the meantime. But they might be unavailable since they are busy at work.

Weekend Moves Pros

1. No need to file a leave from work

Since it is the weekend, you have your time off from work. Hence, you can focus entirely on the move-out process without worrying about leaving the office for a day.

2. Kids can still attend their class

Your kids also do not need to skip their classes. You can be with them while doing the job or ask them to help you out on some lighter tasks they can handle. Somehow, it creates a bond between you and your kids.

3. Less traffic

A weekend move can also be less traffic. Depending on the time and route you take, it is possible to avoid rush hour traffic. But it is not always the case. It is still important to consider the time and check the route beforehand to avoid being stuck in traffic jams.

4. Get voluntarily assistance from relatives or friends

Your relatives and friends are also off from work or classes. Hence, they can spare some time to help you pack and carry your items.

Weekend Moves Cons

1. Many people are also moving out

Weekends are still the common option for people moving out. So there are high demands for moving services and rental trucks.

2. Not enough time to rest

Not enough time to rest

The weekend is the only time you can rest from work. But since you choose to move on a weekend, you have to devote all your rest time to packing, unpacking, and organizing your stuff. And you need to return to work again after a stressful move-out.

3. More expensive

Since the demand is high, the rates are also higher. You might have to spend more which can be impractical especially if you have other options like choosing another date or if you know someone who owns a truck and can provide you a discount.

4. Difficulty in looking for available removal service

People often choose the weekend since it is more convenient for them. Because of this, many removal services are fully booked during the weekend so you might find it difficult to look for available services.

5. Less time to unpack

You only have a day to transfer your items to your new place and another day to unpack and organize. After that, you need to go back to work again and wait for another weekend to arrange everything in your new house.

Final Thoughts

In case you are still contemplating between weekday vs. weekend moves, why not try to choose both? For example, you can set your schedule on Friday, fix everything you can on Saturday, and by Sunday you can still have some time to rest.

But above all, what matters most is your convenience. Since there are many factors involved when moving out, you need to weigh out your options properly by knowing both the pros and cons of moving out on a weekday or weekend.

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