The following terms and conditions set a primary parameter to define the scope of a working relationship between a customer and the company. In this document, the customer is referred to as ‘You’ or ‘Your.’ In contrast, the Remover company is referred to as ‘We,’ ‘Us,’ or ‘Our.’ An item implies what includes in a package, parcel, box, carton, or any other container used by us for handling, moving, or storing purposes. These terms of service are subject to change but are based on a previous written understanding and agreement. Please minutely go through clauses 4,9,10,11, and 12 as they define the extent of liability that we owe you in case of damage or loss.

1- Our price offer

Unless otherwise specified, our quotation excludes port charges, customs duties, demurrage, inspection, or any fee or charges payable to the government or any of its departments or agencies. We accept to compensate you for the loss of your goods but are subject to the provisions of clauses no. 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 2.2, 3.2, 5.2, 5.3.

1.2 Starting from the issue date, our quotation will have a validity of 28 days. Unless otherwise agreed or mentioned in the quotation, we hold the right to claim additional charges in the event of following happenings;

1.2.1 If the operation does not start 28 days after the acceptance of the quotation.

1.2.2 Where a price has been quoted by us that includes return from the store, but the same does not start within six months of the release date of quotation.

1.2.3 Due to circumstances beyond our control, our costs escalate. These include (but are not limited to) currency fluctuation, changes in taxes, toll charges, fuel charges, freight by the government or any representative body or agency.

1.2.4 You request us to work on a Public Holiday, weekends, or beyond our regular working hours (0800-1800 hours)

1.2.5 You request us to pick or send goods to a floor level higher than ground or first-floor level.

1.2.6 When any of your authorized agents or representatives request passage to your goods while they remain in the store.

1.2.7 When we provide any extra service that pertains to the collection and dispatch of goods. And we were not intimated of this extra load of goods and items, and therefore we did not factor them in our quotation. We reserve the right to charge for any such additional service.

1.2.8 When the entry and exit to your premises prohibit the free movement of goods and require the help of machinery or architectural adjustment or alteration. The access road or driveway is also not suitable for our delivery vans and trucks to load/unload the containers within 20 meters of the driveway.

1.2.8 When the entry and exit to your premises prohibit the free movement of goods and require the help of machinery or architectural adjustment or alteration. The access road or driveway is also not suitable for our delivery vans and trucks to load/unload the containers within 20 meters of the driveway.

1.2.9 If you have not made reasonable arrangements to waive the parking fee or other such charges and consequently we have to pay it. However, any parking fee or similar charges borne out of our failing are not your responsibility.

1.2.10 If any delay occurs due to our fault and our best efforts notwithstanding, we have to stretch our resources and expand our working hours.

1.2.11 When we give our written consent to substantially enhance our extent of liability as defined in clause no 9.1.1 before the work starts.

1.2.12 When we will pay running expenses as stipulated in the law or amended to discharge our services conveniently. These expenses may include Low Emission Zone (LEZ) charges, congestion charges, among others.

11.3 You give us your consent to bear any valid expense bearing out of the above eventualities.

2- Work excluded from the price offer

2.1 Except expressly agreed by us, we shall not

2.1.1 Disassemble or assemble or reassemble furnishing and piece of furniture of any type

2.1.2 The same rule applies to fixtures, fittings, appliances, and similar apparatus.

2.1.3 Strip or put down fitted floor covering

2.1.4 Remove stuff from an attic unless it is adequately lit and easily accessible.

2.1.5 Handle any item left out from clause 5.

2.1.6 Take apart garden furniture that includes shacks, shelters, nursery, conservatory, open-air playing paraphernalia, planters, paving slabs, satellite dishes, among other such things.

2.2 Our workforce is not qualified and trained to execute such tasks. We suggest you hire the services of an authorized person to perform these jobs.

3- Your obligation

3.1 We have your acceptance to

3.1.1 Inform us in written form about the actual worth of the goods being moved or stored before we start the work. Suppose, during the work, we come to know that you have undervalued the goods. In that case, our liability will automatically reduce under clause 9.1 and conform to the difference between the actual and declared value of the goods.

3.1.2 Procure and pay for all the necessary legal documents, permits, licenses, permissions, custom documents needed to remove goods.

3.1.3 Discharge any parking fee and meter suspension charges that we have sustained during the work.

3.1.4 Be physically there or ably represented by your authorized proxy during the process of your goods being removed or collected for delivery purposes.

3.1.5 Establish that you or your authorized proxy sign off all the relevant documents like waybills, job sheets, receipts, inventories after the completion of collection or delivery process for your goods.

3.1.6 Ensure that no item is left out and we wrongfully pick nothing.

3.1.7 Provide security to goods lying in abandoned places or a movement of unauthorized persons like tenants or labor.

3.1.8 Properly disconnect and disengage all electronic equipment before their dispatch.

3.1.9 Remove everything from within a refrigerator or a deep freezer, defrost and stabilize them before their dispatch. We cannot be held liable for the mishandling of their content if they are not properly emptied.

3.1.10 Make sure that all kitchen and garden gear like dishwashers, lawnmowers, hose pipes, washing machines are dry, clean, and do not carry any debris from any previous job.

3.1.11 Give us your current and updated telephone number and address during the removal, transit, or storage job.

3.1.12 Provide for good transit, disposal, and storage of goods mentioned in clause 5.

3.2 We shall not pay for any destruction of your goods, additional charge, or costs unless it is sufficiently established beyond any doubt that it occurred due to our negligence or breach of contract.

4- Our obligation

4.1 We understand it is our obligation to provide your goods to you or deliver them for collection in “undamaged” condition. Undamaged means that they should be delivered in condition similar to the one during or before dispatch.

4.2 We are responsible for delivering the goods to you or producing them for collection undamaged if they undergo packing by us.

4.3 If we are unable to carry out our responsibilities mentioned in 4.1 and 4.2, we will be liable to pay you any compensation arising out of any such failure. However, such payment shall be contingent on the terms mentioned in clauses no 9, 11, and 12.

4.4 We shall not pay you for any loss that pertains to clauses 2.2,3.2, 5.2, and 5.3 unless it is reasonably established that the loss happened due to our carelessness or blatant violation of contract.

4.5 When you do not declare the worth of your goods or do not want us to agree to the liability under clause 9.1, we will not compensate you for failure to discharge our duties under clauses 4.1 and 4.2 unless the loss occurs due to our carelessness or open violation of the contract.

4.6 The value of our obligation under this provision will be pursuant to clauses 9 and11.

5- Goods that should not to be presented for disposal or storing

5.1 Except agreed otherwise by a senior-level manager or an authorized representative of the company, the below-mentioned goods are not to be presented for disposal or storing. The items mentioned in 5.1.1 down here carry health risks and fire hazards. Items mentioned in 5.1.2 to 5.1.7 bear different perils and safety hazards. You should arrange for their removal or storage on your own.

5.1.1 Harmful, inflammable, and destructive items like aerosols, gas bottles, firearms, oils, additives, fuel, paints, ordnance.

5.1.3 Items that have the potential to cause disease and infection.

5.1.4 Items that we deem to be unhygienic, dirty, or that are likely to carry germs or encourage their presence. We reserve the right to refuse their carriage without any accountability.

5.1.5 Goods that require special handling or have a short shelf-life.

5.1.6 We do not carry any members of plant or animal kingdom.

5.1.7 Any type of goods that requires special permission from the government for their import or export.

5.1.8 We do not handle pornographic stuff, drugs, stolen goods, or proscribed items under any condition.

5.2 If by any chance we give you our consent to handle such stuff, we refuse to pay you for any harm or destruction unless there is sufficient evidence that it happened due to our carelessness or blatant violation of the contract.

5.3 When you hide the presence of such goods in the consignment, we shall deliver them for your collection; failure to do so on your part may compel us to take legal recourse for their appropriate disposal. You will be liable to pay for any legal charges, penalties, fees, damages, expenses in this regard.

6- Proprietary right of the goods

6.1 By becoming party to this contract, you agree that;

6.1.1 You are the legal owner of the goods in question, and these goods carry no legal encumbrance on them; or else

6.1.2 If you are not the legal owner of the goods, you have the authority to represent them or anyone who has a legal share in the consignment to become party in the agreement with us. You have done your bit to make them aware of all the terms of service of this contract, and they have understood them well and agreed to the same.

6.1.3 If any person obtains ownership of the goods wholly or in part before the final execution of this agreement, you must inform us about that person’s name and complete contact information.

6.1.4 We are entitled to a full indemnification from you if either of the statements made in 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 is found to be false and any costs, charges, or damages are brought against us.

6.1.5 Should you be desirous to pass the ownership of this agreement in favor of a third party; we expect a written confirmation from you in this regard. You must also inform us about the name and the contact information of the third party. We will make a fresh contract with him, but our contract with you shall remain in effect unless and until the new party signs the deal.

7- Payments if you defer or annul the disposal of goods

7.1 In case you cancel or postpone this contract, we have a right to claim a deferment or annulment fee subject to the notice you serve on us under 7.1.1-7.1.4 below. We will calculate the loss your postponement or cancellation has caused us and then arrive at an amount. Our losses may include administrative/auxiliary costs, unable to fill a disposal slot from another customer’s work, or being unable to engage employees booked for your removal job elsewhere. “Working days” mean a typical working week of 5 days, starting from Monday to Friday, and does not include public holidays and weekends.

7.1.1 Ten working days before the disposal or removal of goods was about to commence. No charge.

7.1.2 In between 5-10 working days before the disposal or removal of goods was about to commence: not higher than 30% of the removal charge.

7.1.3 Not more than five working days before the disposal or removal of goods was set to begin: not higher than 60% of the removal charge.

7.1.4 Less than 24 hours before the move could start: not higher than 75% of the removal charge.

7.1.5 The very day the work commences or when the work has actually started: 100% of our charges.

7.2 We can waive the cancellation charges mentioned in 7.1.1, 7.1.2, and 7.1.3 provided you offer and pay us the cancellation/postponement fee in advance before the work begins. To avail of this facility, we must receive a written notice from you regarding cancellation/postponement of our services not later than 5 PM the previous working day before the work begins. The deferment/annulment charge can avail you of only one deferment/annulment.

8- Settlement of account

8.1 We expect full payment at the time of reserving the disposal or storing service unless we have given our written consent to the contrary. Failure to do so on your part can result in suspension or termination of disposal or storing service.

8.2 We charge a 4% daily rate of interest, above the current base rate of the Bank of England in respect of all the outstanding amounts to us.

9- Ascertainment of our payables in case of harm or destruction to your goods

9.1 Standard obligation

9.1.1 When you inform us about the worth of your goods before the work starts, in accordance with clause

3.1.1, the value of the amount due to you in case of loss and damage of your goods in violation of clause 4 shall be ascertained by clauses 9.1.2, 9.1.3, 9.1.5, and 11, exceeding not more than GBP50,000 in case of total destruction of the consignment. We may accept liability of a higher amount, but in that case, we will levy an additional charge.

9.1.2 In case of harm to your goods, in violation of clause 4, our obligation to you will not surpass the amount equal to its fixing or replacing, whichever is smaller, factoring in the physical condition and age of your goods before the harm happened, totaling to the highest obligation of GBP50,000, mentioned in clause 9.1.1 (except when we have agreed with you to a greater amount than that)

9.1.3 If the damaged or lost item belongs to a set of two pieces or more, and our obligation to you is measured as the cost of replacing it, then that cost shall be measured not in a set or pair but as an individual item or thing.

9.1.4 If our obligation to you comprises the total worth of an item, we may dispose of it at our end on its residual value. Should the thing can afford a repair, and the repair cost is lower than the cost of replacement, then our liability to you shall not exceed the cost of fixing it.

9.1.5 If the loss occurs in a container packed by the owner, we shall not accept a liability totaling more than 100GBP.

9.2 Limited obligation

9.2.1 When you have not intimated us in written form about the value of your goods before the work starts or you do not want us to apply the standard obligation as mentioned in clause 9.1, then we shall ascertain our obligation to you in the light of clauses 9.1.3, 9.2.2., and 11.

9.2.2 In case the harm to your goods is prompted by our carelessness or violation of contract, then our obligation to you will not be more than GBP40 per item.

9.3 For consignment coming from or going to outside of the UK

9.3.1 Our acceptance of standard liability is conditional upon the declaration of the real worth of your goods on the form provided by us. All other conditions of Clause 9.1 shall remain intact.

9.3.2 The obligation for harm to goods seized, captured, confiscated, removed, or damaged by the customs authorities or any other government agency or department is not our responsibility. We will accept its liability only if we have been proven careless or in violation of the contract.

9.3.3 We do not entertain liability for loss of or damage to goods in certain foreign territories like Gambia, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Libya, Lebanon, Angola, Cambodia, Vietnam, N. Korea, and Former Soviet republics. It is not a final list, and we shall tell you at the time of price offer if a country is included in our list or not.

9.3.4 Conditional on the clauses no. 9.1 and 9.2 above, we accept obligation for harm to goods only if the following provisions are met:

a) The loss occurred due to our carelessness or violation of contract while the goods were in our possession.

b) The consignment is in possession of some other party, but the harm to goods occurred because we failed to pack the goods to an acceptable standard while we have been obliged to do so.

10- Ascertainment of our payables in case of harm or destruction to your goods

10.1 Due to the presence of third-party operators or other persons who were invariably present during the time of disposal, or dispatch of goods, making it challenging to assign who caused damage or loss to property, our obligation is confined as follows;

10.1.1 If we provoke damage or loss to property or premises, other than consignment arising out of our carelessness or violation of contract, our liability is limited to the area where we caused damage.

10.1.2 If we instigate loss to property or premises due to moving of goods in a fashion directed by you, but advised otherwise by us, where it was clear that the movement of goods would cause damage to property or premises, we will not be held responsible for the loss.

11- Exemptions to liability

11.1 With reference to limited obligation, we shall not be held responsible for harm to your goods because of fire incident or an explosion, whatsoever may be the cause of it. Unless it has been reasonably established that we were careless or in violation of the agreement.

11.2 Except where we are careless or in violation of the contract (in that case, our obligation will be limited under either standard or limited obligation as enunciated in clause 9), we shall not be held responsible for harm to, or unable to produce the following goods;

11.2.1 Securities, bonds, stamps of any type, manuscripts or other such documents, electronically stored data records, mobile phones.

11.2.2 Plants or similar items probable to attract pests, bugs, insects or encourage contamination or infestation.

11.2.3 items that have a short shelf life or that require specialized conditions.

11.2.4 Impairment in the material structure of furniture made of particleboard caused by the withering of particleboard.

11.2.5 Skins/coats pricier than GBP100, mobile telephone, computing device, portable media, coins, stamps, jewelry, watches, semi-precious and precious stones, metals.

11.2.6 Birds, fish, or animals of any kind.

11.3 With reference to standard obligation and limited obligation, unless caused by our carelessness or violation of agreement, we shall not be held responsible for harm to, or inability to bring the goods if happened due to the below-mentioned reasons;

11.3.1 We will not be held responsible for delay or suspension in our services due to war, civil war, hostilities, acts of aggression by foreign enemies, invasion, terrorism, military coup, rebellion, inclement weather, an act of nature, port congestion, rescheduling in arrival/sailing or departure times, or any other similar act beyond our influence and control.

11.3.2 Harm consequential upon electromagnetic radiation or radioactive diffusion

11.3.3 Harm consequential upon biological, biochemical, chemical, and electromagnetic warfare and cyber-attacks.

11.3.4 We shall not be held responsible for harm precipitated by us or, our workforce, or our agents in situations where (a) there is no violation of this contract by us, or our workforce, or our agents (b) the loss or damage is not a probable creation of any such contract violation.

11.3.5 Through regular wear out, natural and slow weathering, seepage and vaporization, or from decomposable and unsteady goods. It includes left-out goods in appliances and furniture.

11.3.6 Through bugs, insects, vermin, moth, and identical scourge.

11.3.7 Through wiping, washing, cleaning, renovating, repairing, and redoing except where we made plans for the job to be done.

11.3.8 Variations in temperature and climatic conditions cause rusting, erosion, oxidation, abrasion, or slow decay unless it is firmly established that the introduction of water was a result of our carelessness or violation of the agreement.

11.3.9 Goods lying in drawers, appliances, packages, cartons, containers, bundles, packets, cases not packed or opened by us.

11.3.10 Harm to fragile items like glassware and china, unless our authorized sub-contractor is responsible for professionally packing or unpacking them. In case of a carton packed by the owner where damage was imminent, notwithstanding the standard of packing, we will pay you not more than GBP100 or the real worth of the carton’s contents (after considering their condition and age), whichever is lower.

11.3.11 By way of electric and mechanical malfunctioning to any gadget, device, instrument, clock, or computer, except where is sufficient proof of external tampering.

11.3.12 Harm of automobiles as a result of denting, defacing, marking, scratching unless you get a pre-collection condition check report from us.

11.3.13 Harm to a vehicle while it is being run for the intention of being moved under its strength barring loading or unloading on a carrier. Harm suffered by accessories or detachable things gone with the vehicle.

11.3.14 Goods that have a history of defects or are essentially faulty.

11.3.15 By way of items mentioned in clause 5.

11.4 None of our staff member will be individually responsible to you for any harm, injury, error, omission, or wrong delivery under this contract.

11.5 We are no longer responsible to you once you have collected your goods from our storage facility or upon fulfilment of their delivery (refer to clause no 12.1 for details).

12- Time frame for claims

12.1 We ought to be informed in black and white of any harm to goods on the occasion of delivery by you or your authorized representative or agent; else, we will not entertain any claim.

12.2 Despite clauses 9,10, and 11, we shall not be held responsible for any harm to the goods except when we are served a notice, or to our representative, or a company executing the pick up or disposal of goods for our account. It must be done in writing no sooner when the harm is found out (or through due attention should have been found) and in all manners in seven days of the delivery of goods by us so that we could adequately probe this claim. We can extend this timeline on your formal written application if we receive such a request within seven days of dispatch. Approval to such a demand shall not be unnecessarily denied.

13- Delays in transportation

13.1 Unless proven otherwise by way of our careless conduct and violation of agreement, we shall not be held responsible for delaying transportation.

13.2 We will take your goods to our store if we fail to deliver them without any of our faults. The contract shall remain enforceable, and any extra service(s) shall be charged to you, including delivery and storage.

13.3 The transit time offered by us is always tentative and based on reasonable projections of events. Transportation times may change due to circumstances beyond our control, including but certainly not restricted to variations in departure/arrival or sailing schedule made by shipping/freight companies, alteration in passage made by shipping/freight companies whilst in transit, port saturation. We will inform you about changes in transportation schedule no sooner when the same is known to us. We cannot be held responsible for any loss of or damage to goods because of delay/change in transit times unless we are guilty of carelessness or in blatant violation of our agreement.

14- Our prerogative to withhold the goods (lien)

Lien is the lawful recourse for the remover to withhold the goods until all the outstanding dues are clear. We are entitled to hold back and even dispose of your goods in part or in whole if you fail to clear your due charges falling in this or any similar agreement (refer to clause no 23). These comprise bills that we have disposed in your account. You will be responsible for all the charges that we pay while we are in possession of the goods in lien, including but not limited to storage charges, legal costs, and any other costs. These terms of service shall remain enforceable.

15- Disputes

In case of any dispute borne out of this contract that remains unresolved, either party can take the disagreement to the low-cost, independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) scheme provided by the British Association of Removers (BAR). An accredited independent ADR organization will then adjudicate the dispute. Resorting to the independent ADR is contingent on specific terms and conditions, whose details can be obtained from BAR upon request, Tel: 01923 699486, Fax: 01923 699481, Email: ADR does not preclude your lawful recourse to court’s help in this regard.

16- Our right to sub- contracting the work

16.1 It is within our legal rights to sub-contract the entire work or part of it.

16.2 Should we sub-contract, all these conditions shall remain intact and enforceable.

17- Route and method

17.1 We are free to choose our work’s approach and mode of operation and the storage location to the best of our abilities and sweet will.

17.2 Where we expressly agree to it in black and white in on our price offer, remaining space/capacity/volume in our carry vehicles and storage space in our containers may be utilized by goods of different customers.

18- Counsel and information for international disposals

We shall dispense to the best of our knowledge the most beneficial, relevant, and current advice to help you in importing and exporting your goods. We provide information in this regard in your best interests, and with good intentions, any changes in the application and interpretation of national, regional, and international laws are not in our control. So, it is in the fitness of things that you check the truthfulness of our information and seek further consultation.

19- Relevant law

Any discord arising between us shall be judged by the non-exclusive law and the authority of the English and Scottish courts. If at the moment you live or are planning to move to a place outside the dominion of English courts, then the area’s local laws apply, contingent upon our approval and agreement to the same, and before the work starts.

20- Your forwarding address

20.1 If you need us to stock your goods, then you must give us the current address, telephone number and inform us of any changes in them. All correspondence will be deemed to have been gotten by you seven days after its dispatch by first-class post to your latest address in our records.

20.2 If we do not hear from you or provide an address, we will notify a local public newspaper where the goods were removed. Such notices will be deemed to have been gotten by you seven days after their publication in the local newspaper. We have a right to levy you any cost incurred in searching for your location.

21- List of goods (inventory) or receipt

When we send you a list of your goods (inventory) or receipt, it shall be considered correct unless you inform us within ten days of its dispatch or within a reasonable time as agreed between us of any oversight of errors.

22- Revision of storage charges

We revise our custody charges from time to time. We will inform you 30 days in advance of any increase in costs through a written notice.

23- Our right to sell or dispose of the goods

If you owe us charges previously, and they remain payable even after serving you a three months’ notice in this regard, we are within our lawful right to demand from you that they be removed from our location to clear our dues. If you are still unable to clear your dues, we may dispose of or sell part or whole of your goods without any further notice. You will also be charged with the cost of disposal. The net payment will be posted in your account, and any excess will be settled to you with no interest whatsoever. When the total amount that we owe is not recovered, we may pursue its recovery from your side.

24- Termination

If no amount is due from your side, we shall not terminate this contract without giving you a three months’ advice in black and white. If you decide to terminate your storage agreement, you must provide us with at least ten working days’ notice of your intention to do so (working days are defined in clause 7 above). We can release the goods earlier if your payments are current and valid. Storage charges are due to the date when the notice comes into force.

25- General website terms & conditions

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