Useful Tips For Moving Home During The School Summer Holidays

By September 24, 2021 Business
Useful Tips For Moving Home During The School Summer Holidays

Moving home during the school summer holidays is the best option. There are so many benefits you can take advantage of. You have longer days to spare because of the extra hours of daylight and the weather is warmer, which makes it easy for you to move around the house and pack all the stuff out.

If you have kids, it will be easier for them to adjust as well. Commonly, as you move to a new place, the kids also have to transfer to a new school. It will be easy for them to adjust to their new environment since they have more time during the summer holidays.

No matter how convenient and easy it is to organize everything you need for the relocation during summer, however, there are still some challenges you will encounter.

In this blog, read on to find out how moving home during the school summer holidays can be less tiring and stressful with the following tips.

Tips You Can Try When Moving Home During the Summer Holidays

1. Get assistance with childcare

Since it is the summer holiday, kids are all at home. Thus, you need to have someone take care of them in the meantime while you are busy packing your stuff at home. If they are still toddlers, you might consider calling a relative or a close friend who can help you out with the kids. The same principle applies if you also have a pet to take care of while organizing your relocation.

2. Let the kids play in the room, backyard, or the garden

If your kids are big enough yet still too young to help you out with the work or you cannot just look for someone to help you assist them, you can leave them playing in your garden or backyard while you are busy.

Put their toys in an easy-to-get box and bring them out to encourage them to play outside. If you do not have enough space, you can choose a dedicated room in the house. In this way, they will keep themselves occupied. You will not have anything to worry about while you finish the job.

3. Ask older children to help you with lighter tasks

For those with older children or teenagers, you can ask them to help you out with some tasks. You can ask them to organize their stuff, pack some small items on the boxes, put out the garbage, help you contact the removal company, or do anything you think they can handle.

On the bright side, allowing your teenage kids to help you with the errands can provide an opportunity for you to bond, especially now that they are on a vacation from school.

4. Look for a removal company in advance

Summer is the ideal time for most people to move out. This is why house removal companies are the busiest during this season. To avoid stress, you need to decide on your expected moving date and contact the removal company as soon as the summer arrives. In this way, you can secure an appointment scheduled with them before everyone else does.

5. Take advantage of professional services

Since summer is vacation time for the kids to have some fun, it may be the opposite for adults. During the summer holiday, it is harder to juggle between work and responsibilities at home, and moving out can bring more stress. But you do not need to do all the tasks yourself. There are many removals and packing services you can avail of who can do all the job for you.

So even if you are moving home during the school summer holidays, you can still have time to enjoy the summer together with your loved ones.

6. Think about traffic jams you should avoid

Think about traffic jams you should avoid

Traffic may not be as bad during the school summer holiday. But still, there are areas and specific times when you can encounter traffic jams. No one loves getting stuck in traffic as it is a waste of time. So to avoid this, make sure to take note of the areas and hours when it is mostly traffic during the school summer holidays. In this way, you can move your things to your new home when the road is less congested.

7. Prepare essentials on hand

During the moving day, make sure you have all the essentials for you and your family in an easy to get bag or box. Before leaving, make sure you prepare snacks and drinks so you will not have to go on a drive-thru to order some meals. It will also come in handy especially if you are driving far.

Kids often get bored on a long-hour drive and may have tantrums. To prevent it, you need to have snacks ready anytime they ask. They will be quieter when their mouth is full. You can also bring out some toys to entertain them while on the road. In this way, it will be a smooth trip going to your new home and less stressful as well.

Final Thoughts

Moving home during the school holidays is indeed a great option compared to other dates. However, it will also be stressful and time-consuming. So once you are sure you can finally move out to your new home, start preparing and do all the tasks little by little to avoid rushing and doing everything at once on your moving date.

It is also important you talk with all your family members so they can also prepare themselves and help you with the important task. No matter how tiring the job is, it will be less burden if everyone else is helping.

But remember, do not do everything by yourself. Take the opportunity of asking for help from professionals, especially to things you cannot handle. It will make your life easier and still allow you to enjoy a summer holiday vacation with your loved ones at your new home.

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