6 Storage Furniture Tips: How to Place Furniture in a Storage Unit or Garage the Right Way

By July 28, 2021 Business

Whether you are relocating your office or house, furniture-friendly storage space is a must to avoid damages. You desire your furniture to look like it is in its brand-new state rather than a scraped and unstylish one. To ensure this, you should be aware of things to do and avoid. A line of detailed storage furniture tips and tricks can help you in storing furniture and equipment properly.

Before you start finding the apt storage unit, here are the points on how to store furniture and fixture the right way.

Tips and Tricks

1. Explore the vast options.

Putting the furniture or fixture in storage space can be expensive especially if the unit is climate-conditioned. If you will keep antique furniture for a long time, a climate-set storage unit is a more appropriate option. Dampness damages furniture particularly the wooden types. Climate-set storage units have settings that reduce moisture and prevent drastic temperature fluctuations from happening. This makes the storage ideal for prized furniture and musical instruments like piano and double bass. If you plan to keep the furniture short-term, a garage will be adequate. Just ensure that the garage is clean and free from water leakage.

2. Keep the storage and the furniture clean.

Before you put a piece of furniture in a storage unit or garage, clean its surfaces with the solution of oil soap and lukewarm water. Do not use pure water because it will make the joints swell. Utilize two separating cotton cloths for wiping and drying. Add more rags for bigger wooden furniture. Rub the hard portions and joints with wet cotton cloths. Wipe cotton balls with acetone on the wooden surfaces to optimize the cleaning process and leave a shiny appearance. Another option to take is the application of tung oil. For upholstered pieces, apply a fabric cleaner. Use a metal or steel polish for the metal portions of fixtures.

You should also clean the storage unit or garage. In this way, no dirt and grime may pass on the furniture. Use four boxes for the cleanup. These are keep, store, sell, and toss boxes. As their names suggest, put all the items worth keeping inside the keep box. You can keep this box at home. For the store box, put the items which are recyclable and/or reusable. For the sell box, place the items which still have value and can be sold. Place the irreparable and non-recyclable items in the fourth box.

3. Cover the furniture.

After removing the unnecessary items, cover the furniture with blankets or polyethylene bags with small holes to protect them from dampness. The holes will prevent moisture from building up. Avoid using plastic sheets as the moisture will not evaporate and might chip the furniture. The pieces with breakable parts should be covered in bubble wraps or fiberboard. Towels are also good alternatives. Do not tape directly to the glass surfaces as it will mark a sticky residue.

4. Place a floor cover.

If the storage room is not climate-conditioned, place wooden blocks or thick and stacked boxes as an extra sheet to cover the floor. You can set a sheet of cotton fabric to absorb the wetness from the floor. After placing these materials down, put the furniture on top of them. Hang items if they are capable of being suspended on hooks. Refrain from placing the furniture near the unit’s wall.

5. Do not crowd the fixture and furniture.

It is imperative to pick a storage unit with enough space to hold all the pieces of furniture. Each should have at least a one-foot distance from each other. This will prevent them from scrapes and dents caused by slipping or bumping into the other pieces of furniture. If there is limited space, make sure that they are completely covered and cushioned.

6. Plan the positioning of each piece of furniture.

Sooner or later, you will retrieve and load the furniture to its destined location. In this regard, it is advisable to place the heavyweight furniture last so that they will be brought out first for loading. To make this matter simpler, put first the lightweight and delicate furniture inside. In this way, the pieces of furniture are grouped according to size and type.

Storage Unit for Rent Vs Garage

The more office and home necessities are, the harder it is to find a suitable storage solution. In most cases, offices and homeowners rent a temporary shelter for the equipment and valuables.

Homeowners or office persons choose a reliable and clean climate-conditioned storage unit. Professional moving companies offer this unit. The movers can also help in carting, carrying, and lifting the furniture. In addition, they offer to unmount and disassemble them for easy carry.

Garages are advisable if the moving is short-term. You should also opt for a garage if you have a few pieces of furniture. A garage is fitting if you want to cut costs in moving. Just be reminded that you should have a thorough garage cleanup before storing your furniture.

House and Office Removal Services

Furniture is a home and office necessity. Aside from its practical uses, furniture adds value and aesthetic appeal to homes and offices. In this way, it is necessary to keep them undamaged during the relocation or storing process.

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