Privacy policy

In our privacy policy, we delineate what we collect from our customers, where we store this information, and what we do with it. We are an ethical organization and, as such, are committed to maintaining the privacy of our worthy customers. We are a registered entity and conform to all the local, national, and international laws and regulations that allow the collection of relevant data from the customers and preserve its integrity.

What information that we need from our customers?

When you log in to our website, we will ask you to spell out some basic information about yourself. It includes, among others, your name, email address, telephone number, etc. We may also seek information about your browser type and from what pages you may have visited from our website. We may also collect information from the emails you sent to us and the telephone calls you make us.


Every website uses cookies, and our site is no exception. These are small files that find their way to your computer from the website you visit. They help the website’s owner collect information about the user and provide them with a wholesome and customized browsing experience. However, you can change or adjust the cookie settings as per your preference or choice.

Where will we use your information?

Your information will help us in contacting you and solving your matter effectively. It will also help us make decisions for the collective goodness of our business after analyzing and interpreting it.

Information disclosure

We will not disclose, distribute, share, or sell your information to anyone unless asked by law but not without your express approval and consent. Your information will remain in the UK and be accessible only to the designated staff or agents working in the UK.

Data safety

Your information will remain in safe custody with us. We employ robust security protocols to ensure its safekeeping. We keep it with us for a specified time or as required by laws.

Allowing access to your information and updating it

You are permitted access to your personal information, and you may ask for some changes to it. We are entitled to charge a legal fee from you for this purpose.

Changes to our privacy policy

We prominently display any change in our privacy policy to our website and communicate these changes via emails to our patrons and clients.


You are free to contact us via email or telephone call regarding any explanation, clarification, query, suggestion, or comment to our privacy policy. Our staff will be happy to assist you.