The Dos and Don’ts of Moving with a Baby or Toddler

By July 23, 2021 Business

Many Children have to experience regular moving.More often, this happens because of their parents’ new work or business opportunities. In every relocation of families, children take time of the preparation especially if they are not given proper attention. The younger the children are, the more difficult it is to attend to them. Moving with a baby or toddler requires full attention. So, parents are prescribed to be with them throughout the preparation and entire series of moving.

To ensure safe and smooth moving for babies and toddlers, parents should underscore and apply the following points so they could concentrate on their kids.

The Do’s

1. Hire a versatile moving company.

Hiring a professional moving company that provides an array of services allows parents to attend to their children. While the moving experts assist in packing, carrying, and loading the family necessities, the parents take care of their baby and supervise the movers at the same time. Apart from these services, a professional moving company can do heavy lifting and unloading of equipment and boxes. They can even assist in disassembling and re-installing heavyweight fixtures or equipment. Having a moving company also ensures that the family reaches the new location within the expected time as the movers also maximize the preparation time.

2. Put the baby’s necessities within your reach.

Baby’s needs are unpredictable. They may be looking for their feeding bottle or require a diaper change. With baby necessities on sight, there is no need to rummage the boxes and packs intended for moving. For easy reach, most parents prefer putting the feeding bottle, milk, diapers, and other essentials in the parent’s backpack or a baby bag.

Aside from the milk needs, parents can add toys or anything that can entertain the baby or toddler during the preparation or transfer. Other useful baby stuff that can prevent babies from moving to and from the boxes and other house removal stuff is high chairs and baby gates.

3. Be aware of cords, ties, and blocks that can trip your kids.

Moving with a baby gives a line of concerns. For example, you should be aware of objects present in a room. Items like cords or loose ends can trip anybody including little children. Because of these, babies might stumble. To be certain that the little kids will not trip, it is an excellent option for parents to remove loose and unnecessary ties in their room. If packing their essentials is ongoing, place the cords in a container that kids cannot reach or get entangled with.

Young children aged three years old or below also tend to swallow tiny objects. Avoid putting the baby in the room where people pack the home valuables. If not carries, the babies should be placed in a crib or a playpen for their safety.

4. Let your babies and toddlers help.

Children learn by doing. To develop a kid’s helpfulness and responsibility, allow them to help in their little ways. For example, give them a tiny baby backpack where they can put their essentials like a feeding bottle, a piece of diapers, and milk containers. During packing, allow them to pass packing tapes and wraps for packing and boxing.

5. Remain calm yet watchful during the preparation, moving, and arrival.

Calm your nerves by just focusing on the baby or his needs. During the preparation, observe how he behaves and responds to objects and other people. However, you should supervise how things are going. Are the boxes in order? Did the movers place heavy boxes at the bottom? Above these, you should always prioritize the baby the entire time of moving. You or your spouse can take turns in checking on the boxes and the baby.

The Dont’s

1. Do not pack the baby’s essentials first.

Moving with a baby obliges you to keep bottles, toys, and diapers near you. If these necessities are kept in the deep portions of bags and boxes, it will take more time for the babies to drink their milk or change their diapers. When their essentials are packed last, parents can unpack them first and all the stuff needed can be given in an instant.

2. Do not let your baby play as soon as you arrive.

Babies and toddlers tend to play the soonest they arrive at a place. They are likely to crawl on the floor or touch whatever is worthy of exploring. In these situations, they might encounter sharp objects or portions of the house. You can block these areas or cover them with thick boxes. The kids might also discover electrical outlets. To prevent this from happening, parents can buy outlet covers. Taping them is also an affordable way of keeping them safe.

3. Do not wait to set up your baby’s room or playpen for an extended time.

Babies and toddlers will look for a place to play or stay. If the nursery is not set up as immediately as possible, the babies will roam around the place and crawl into dirty or dangerous spaces. In this light, you should set up at least a crib or playpen where you can put your baby. After this, you can arrange his room. You can now let him play while you start to unbox your valuables. Yet, it is still a good reminder that you should look after the baby even if you already begin to unpack.

House Removal Services

Your children are your priorities. When you move with them, you should always think of their safety and convenience. Moving with a baby requires clean and safe spaces. However, having this type of space may require parents to do extra tasks. They are obliged to ask some friends or family members to help them do the preparation and post-moving activities. For better results, hiring a reputable moving company is always a smart decision. We are a professional moving company that provides tailor-fit solutions for your moving needs. Contact us today!

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