How to Make Packing Fun for Kids

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How to Make Packing Fun for Kids

When moving your household to a nearby neighbourhood or outside the city, you can implement some brilliant hacks to make packing fun for kids. We’re not the only ones affected by the relocation. Children, especially teens, can give you all sorts of resistance as they think about leaving their friends and school behind.

While some kids may resist at first, some can be relentless and may decide not to participate. For the little ones, especially the toddlers, this is their time to get extra busy with everything. As you already know, they’re fond of touching anything as they try to satisfy their curiosity. But how can you ensure the teens are compliant while the toddlers are not restless as you deal with the hassle of moving?

You can seize the opportunity to keep them occupied and be part of the family’s transition.  While the children can’t do the hefty tasks, they can chip in to do a thing or two to cheer them up and take the move positively. But what strategy can you employ to convince them to be part of the move?

Preparing The Kids For The Move

Sometimes, the need to relocate your household can be urgent and unplanned, especially due to a job change. In such circumstances, you may have little time to plan and prepare your kids for the relocation. If you’re anticipating a relocation from work, you can ask for some time to prepare your kids for the whole idea of relocating.

Talk to your kids about how great their new home will be. Tell them about the exciting things that await them in the new environment. When having a light moment or playtime with them, throw in a thing or two about the new home to increase their anticipation.

For instance, if there’s a bigger playground or a swimming pool, tell them how they’ll be able to invite their friends over to enjoy the new play facilities.

Acclimatizing your kids for the relocation helps them adjust positively. As the actual relocation date gets closer, they can slowly build their anticipation and look forward to it with a positive mindset.  They’ll also have enough time to inform their friends in the neighbourhood or at school, so they won’t part ways suddenly without notice.

Making Packing Fun For Kids Days Before The Move

Depending on the size of your household, packing up can take a day, two, or even a week. But following some packing tips might make the process a lot easier. During this time, you can utilize the opportunity to convince your kids to be part of the move. You can follow different hacks to make packing fun for kids and help them positively adjust to the relocation.

Introduce a Scavenging Packing List

Kids can be great participants when packing as long as their eagerness is kept high. With a list of items to look for, they’ll be eager to look for and pack the items in the boxes.  And if you turn it into a classic game, they’ll enjoy it even more and help you with the workload.

The little ones love anything that comes with anticipation and will give it their total concentration. As they’re busy scavenging for the items, you’ll have ample time to organise and do the more serious things.

Let the Music Rule The Airwaves

During this time, your kids look up to you more. They’ll also be affected if you seem puzzled and stressed out and might not do anything either. Instead, they’ll continuously disrupt you as they seek attention.

Playing their favorite melody can keep you energized and the kids excited. Keep a calm composure and make the surroundings lively as you and the kids do your packing adventure. You can also add snacks along with the music to ease up the hunger as the works continue.

Make the Kids Pack Their Stuff

Everyone likes to be their own bosses in a way, and your kids are no different. They’ll gladly welcome their idea of packing their stuff themselves. Find out what they’d like to carry to their new haven and let them pack them nicely in the moving boxes.

Let them pack their favorite toys, storybooks, dolls, and other play items in their rooms as you get involved with the serious roles. When done, you can look at what they’ve done and make some changes where deemed necessary.

Doing this gives the kids a sense of entitlement and the feeling that their input is valued. As such, they’ll be willing to do anything you ask.

Encourage The Kids to Paint Moving Boxes

The little ones can be somewhat mischievous and hard to control. If they’re running out of things to do when packing, you can introduce them to decorating the packing boxes. They love to paint, and you can use decoration to make packing fun for kids.

Mark the sides of the boxes which they can freely paint and leave one side for labeling. Supply them with stickers, crayons, markers, or drawing pencils and let them exercise their artistry skills on the boxes. As they’re busy painting, drawing, or decorating the boxes, you’ll have a smoother time dealing with the serious stuff.

Introduce A Treasure Hunt

We aren’t the only ones who do better when there are incentives at the workplace. Your kids will also cheer up when they know there’s something on the line for them when they do things right or complete a task.

You can place cookies, stickers, new toys, and other favorites at strategic places in their rooms or areas you’ve assigned them some tasks. As they help you do the packing, they’ll be excited to continue packing as they come across these little treasures.

Rewards aren’t enough without some congratulatory words. Show some appreciation and excitement or surprise when they uncover a treasure. Encourage them to do faster and promise some rewards afterward for a job well done. This strategy works wonders and will make packing fun for kids and ease you a lot of stress of monitoring them now and then.

Final Thoughts

While grownup kids and teenagers can be easy to handle, the little ones can be a little naughty and require constant monitoring. When packing, you might not find the time to check them all the time. That’s why finding activities that can get them engaged is the best way to create ample time for you to do the things that matter.

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