Top 10 Factors that can affect your house removal quote

By October 2, 2021 Business
Top 10 Factors that can affect your house removal quote

When shifting homes or houses, it is easy to forget the factors that can affect your house removal quote. You might have budgeted the costs accordingly however, there’s a chance the prices will be way higher than your estimation. Therefore, in order to save you from that shock, we will be looking at the top factors you should consider researching before bringing that calculator out!

  • Size of your home and the number of items: If you own a big house, it is likely that you have more goods and items for shifting than if you had a smaller home. As a result, you will be needing more vans or a large truck. Additionally, bigger furniture needs spacious vehicles to be transported which again contributes to increasing your shifting prices.
  • The type of your belongings: Sofas and couches can be easily stacked in the transport however, fragile things like chandeliers or expensive mirrors need more care. Your chosen company may be able to provide protection to these delicate items in return for extra cash. If you are transferring between long distances and have trees of other decorating foliage that need some source of air, a different styled package will be used instead of regular boxes which again, will higher your prices.
  • Time you plan to transfer: Most homes are cleared towards the end of a month or beginning of another so removal companies are expected to charge more than usual during those periods. Weather too is one among the many factors that can affect your house removal quote; if it’s snowy outside and the tracks aren’t easy to cross, you will end up paying more. Nonetheless, shifting in summers too isn’t a great idea; these companies are busiest at that time of the year. Furthermore, transportation on Sundays is likely to charge more due to extra work hours.

Time you plan to transfer

  • Assembling and disassembling services: Most large pieces of furniture such as beds are broken down into parts to save up storage and so, transferring companies recommend you to opt for this service at extra costs. Along with that, you can choose to take assistance from their assembling department to help you place your furniture and put the pieces together at your new home. The more help you take from them, the more you pay.
  • Distance between your homes: Yes, the longer the distance the higher the prices. When people shift homes that are two streets away or at least in the same city, it is not necessary to ask transporting companies for help. However, if you’re moving in between countries or a significant amount of distance, it is highly recommended to contact professional services due to travel license issues and boundary restrictions.
  • The number of employees: Though it is common that the company will ask for a combined finance instead of counting employees, you might have to tip them as a matter of courtesy. After all, they do expect a couple of drinks after a hard day at work!
  • Location of your new home: If you’re moving to a rural area, chances are that big trucks will have complications while reaching out to your house. Hilly areas also have this risk of overloading failures which put your transfers in a great deal of danger. Apart from that, stairs will contribute to the prices as well and especially if you do not have a lift or escalator. Of course, companies are aware that you cannot provide all these measurements accurately and so they will ask you to hire a consultant to do these for you. Consultants can then plan out the most efficient way to transfer your goods. Nevertheless, make sure to have some cash for this guy!

Location of your new home

  • Packaging costs: If you are doing the packaging on your own, i.e. wrapping out bubble sheets over your furniture and stacking clothes in boxes that you paid for, your chosen company will not charge you for this. However, if you think you are too busy (or too inexpert) for this, you can ask for assistance.
  • The company you choose: One of the main factors that can affect your house removal quote is the company you opt for. Well-reputed companies are likely to charge more than companies that are new to the field for obvious reasons (staff experience and transport quality). We recommend opting for experienced companies regardless of the cost; you do not want your things to be damaged just to save a few bucks!
  • Additional services: Though some of the points mentioned above are add-ons, most companies tend to include them in the main package. Other services such as cleaning after moving furniture are available in which the staff rid all the dirt out of your old home so that it is clear for the next user.

Why consider factors that can affect your house removal quote?

The answer is pretty obvious; to budget your spendings accurately while having peace of mind. It also helps you compare the costs and you can decide if you really need a service or not. If you’re short in money, try looking for offers or discounted services but do make sure you are purchasing a legitimate one.


Transferring homes can be exciting and tiring. To save yourself some energy, we ask you to hire only the professionals in this field to ensure your favorite items are brought with you and set up just as you want them. Considering the aforementioned factors that can affect your house removal quote will indeed, be a wise decision.

If you’re looking for well-known, experienced yet affordable shifting companies to help yourself out in the UK, we suggest you look into Flash Local. Their packing techniques are efficient and their transfer quality is top-notch! Since they put a lot of effort into reducing the costs for you and give you reasonable rates, you can be sure that your budget will not be crossed over. Their fast and efficient vehicles have low fuel costs and they try to limit the number of trucks or vans needed for the shift hence helping you financially.

Hopefully, this article has made you feel more confident in your shifting process. We wish you luck in your journey to a new home!

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