Helpful Advice For Packing Fragile Items When Moving House

By October 10, 2021 Business
Helpful Advice For Packing Fragile Items When Moving House

Is there any lack of stress when moving houses? Everything seems designed to drive you into sheer madness, and nothing more so than packing fragile items when you’re moving houses.

Whether it’s your crockery, the electronics, or even some of the smaller, more delicate, items of furniture; figuring out how to pack and place everything you own so it survives your shift can become a logistical nightmare and give you sleepless nights. But you can breathe easy if you have a plan in place and all the materials right at hand!

Without further ado, here are the most essential tips you need to know before you’re packing fragile items when moving houses.

Use Small Boxes; Pack Them Well

For your crockery, mugs, and other small mementos that are fragile, you should use small boxes for packing so that they fit well. You can also use boxes with compartments so you can fit in multiple pieces without worrying about them colliding. Along with this, ensure that you use packing material with a generous hand and soul.

The idea is to make sure that your items don’t move around a lot, do not collide with each other to chip or break, and are well-insulated from other packages.

Mark Them Clearly

Every package with fragile items should be marked ‘Fragile.’ Moreover, if there are items like furniture that might get damaged but are not going to be packed then use tape or some other way to mark it as fragile so that they are handled carefully and placed on top of other items, instead of crushed below.

While packing fragile items when moving house, ensure that the side which is ‘up’ is also clearly marked. Ideally, to save you time and effort after moving, you should also mark which box contains what products, or should go in which room, such as ‘Kitchen’, ‘Bathroom’ and so on. This might be a little painful when you are packing, but will give you much peace of mind after you have shifted!

Wrap Each Item Individually

Wrap Each Item Individually

It can be very time-consuming to wrap every single item, but it is very worth the investment. You can even save a little bit of time by using winter clothing, sweaters, or socks for packing fragile items for moving house.

Towels, shirts, etc., can also be used for this purpose. Do not forget to fill up the spaces inside glasses, mugs, and so on. Hollow spaces can lead to chipping.

Tape, tape and more tape

Always use good quality tape and remember to tape the bottoms of the boxes of your fragile items. While packing fragile items when moving house, if your packing material leaks out, you might find (much to your dismay) that your items reach in pieces.

You will inevitably need at least one more roll of tape than you optimistically calculate, so remember to keep extra on hand.

It is also painfully slow to tape the bottoms of the boxes before packing them, but it is strongly advisable to do so. You should tape not only the opening but all around the edges so that the cardboard’s edges do not rip from the weight of the items.

This is also of great use in case you are shifting during the wet season so that if the boxes happen to get wet, they won’t fall apart.

Pack Fragile Items When Moving House Each in the Correct Way

Not all fragile items are built the same. Many electronics, for example, will have instructions set out on how to pack them so they survive the journey. TVs or PS boxes might not seem to break if you set something heavy on them, but the screens may stop working.

However, fragile and old plates need to be set out flat with paper in between each layer. Glasses should have paper set inside them to reduce the space, and paper placed around each piece as well. Bubble wrap is ideal for this.

Pack Fragile Items When Moving House Each in the Correct Way

Lamp bases and lampshades need to be packed separately usually since lamp bases are not as fragile. Light bulbs, if you are moving those, usually also should be unscrewed, as they are likely to shatter if moved with the lamp.

Pay Attention to Which Items May Be Fragile

Another common mistake that some people make, before packing fragile items when moving house is mistaking some of their property as not fragile.

For instance, framed pictures might break very easily. Both the glass and the wood, if bent improperly, are likely to warp or break and your precious pictures might also be harmed. Small mementos made of paper or other fragile items might also tear if they are not carefully packed.

And a couple of extra tips, for after you’re done packing fragile items when moving house. It’s not just packing, you also have to make sure they’re carried and set out properly! So:

Ensure The Boxes Are Carried Correctly

While with most packages, it’s fine to carry them however it is most convenient, you have to be more careful with fragile items. It’s best to carry them on top of other items, never below. Also make sure that they are carried right side up so that they do not shift much from the position they were packed in.

Or Hire A Professional To Pack Your Fragile Items When Moving House

Remember, you can always (and maybe should always) use professional packing services to reduce the hassle. Putting aside part of your budget to let experts secure everything you own and pack fragile items when moving house will be an investment with immediate returns for your peace of mind and the safety of your property.

If you need help, just call us! Find out how we can help make your house shift pain-free. We offer local, national, and international house shifting services, from start to end. We will support you right from packing your property (taking utmost care of your fragile items) to shifting you to your new home.

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