The Best And Worst Moving home timing Of The Year

By October 6, 2021 Business
The Best And Worst Moving home timing Of The Year

The moving home timing can either make it a breeze or make it an expensive nightmare. So when’s the best time to move? Is it in the fall? Equally important is the question of when is the best time of the month to move?

You can either focus on your budget, or on the weather: the two key issues when you are shifting houses! Here we give you a list of the things you should have a clear idea of when deciding the time for shifting:

Best Real Estate Deal Timings for Shifting Homes

Surprisingly, many people who are new homeowners are not well-informed about this! The real estate market is cyclical, and prices are not the same across the year.

More importantly, you will not find the same sort of houses (in your price range) throughout the year. Choose your moving home timing accordingly.

One (American) study found that the average buyer spends about 124 hours looking for a new home, but this is spread out over a period of three months. This is primarily because of affordability and not being able to find homes that have the sort of features you need. You can reduce this time by searching during the right period.

Shifting Homes During Winter

What is well known is that the end of the year tends to be a bad time for shifting homes. This is both because of practical reasons– Christmas and New Year are horrible for shifting or conducting business in the UK, and because the end of the year is a sentimental time for many sellers.

If you’re renting, this can become a recurrent problem, as your leases continue to end near the end of the year. You may actually grow to dread shifting if you keep having to search for new places during the busy holiday season. Unless you are in a real hurry, winter isn’t a great bet for house shifts.

Remember, similar to how busy you are, homeowners might also be too busy to show you their places, so fewer places are open for showings during winter.

Shifting Homes During Spring

Spring is the peak market season for homes. The opposite of winter, a lot of houses are put on the market in spring, when sellers are happy to show off their houses with gardens in full bloom and the moving home timing is just right.

The weather also has an effect, with the mildness of spring putting everyone in a better mood for the sheer physical work of moving. Trudging from house to house to find the perfect place is much nicer when there’s a cool spring breeze in the air.

However, it might also become a buyer’s market, and you should keep an eye on prices to ensure the move fits your budget. If you’re renting, then make sure the shift doesn’t hurt you permanently when the rent goes up annually. The 3 – 5% annually can add up a surprising amount.

Shifting Homes During Summer

Families often prefer shifting during summer, when the school holidays allow for kids to get settled with minimum fuss. Often, shifting homes means shifting schools as well, so it’s a transition period that parents have to take into account. Moreover, prices sometimes do fall in the run-up to Christmas, and buyers who are willing to look for houses in July and August might gain a bargain buy and be able to move before Christmas.

Ideally, the summer weather makes it a bad time for shifting, but needs must! For everyone who can afford to wait, you should let summer pass when you’re choosing the best moving home timing.

Shifting Homes During Autumn

Autumn is also an excellent time to move homes. Falling just before the holiday season, the weather is still seasonable for making a shift, but the winter holidays allow time for you and your family to settle in, unpack, and make the new home yours.

The one downside is the possibility of rain, but some things have to be left to the mercy of fate.

The prices of homes on the market can vary wildly during this period, with some people advising you to buy in summer, even if you move later on.

How Much Time Should You Take for the Shift?

The actual shift itself could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full day (or two, if you’ve forgotten something in your old place) depending on how much furniture you have, although a professional shifting service can save you a lot of time and fuss regarding packing and shifting.

However, if you’re buying, instead of renting, your properties, you have several things to be done before it’s the correct moving home timing.

If you’re selling your old home, then you need to make sure the place is spic and span for broker or property buyers’ pictures. Checking the plumbing, water, and electricity lines, and for any signs of infestation or mold can take you a surprising amount of time!

Making Sure You’re Financially Ready For Moving Homes

One vital thing to ensure is that you have your taxes in place. If you aren’t sure about your council taxes, a tax solicitor’s office might be a good place to stop by. Finally, (if you’re buying) assess your mortgage. Presumably, you’ve already got the pieces in place if you’ve bought a new home, but it’s an important part of the checklist.

So there you have it, a complete list of things to remember for when you’re choosing your moving home timing! If you need any help, remember, at Flash Local, we pride ourselves on fulfilling all your house moving needs at one single contact point. Every problem you might face, from packing up to storage, will be solved here. We are available for both local and international professional moving services.

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